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As an instructor on the LifeLink portal, you will have a dedicated page for all your content as well as the ability to set up group classes, courses and lessons, either live or in the future. You can also take payments for one-to-one video sessions and upload free videos and content to help drive audience engagement.

To help you get set up on the platform, the LifeLink team have created some tutorial videos; from how to make your page look amazing and how to set up a live streaming session on Zoom, through to how the business side of the platform works.

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Why LifeLink?

LifeLink.online was borne out of an idea to help the local and wider community get online quickly in a time of crisis, when the impact and reality of Covid-19 was devastating businesses. Matt Crisp, a Marlow based entrepreneur, set the wheels in motion via his digital marketing agency, Crisp Digital and LifeLink.online was launched.

With the need to work together and support small businesses and as an online community, we can help those at home learn that skill they have never got around to learning, get in shape, focus on wellness or even learn how to make the perfect espresso martini. For parents wanting help entertaining and educating their kids at home, learning a new language, having fun cooking and baking, improving their football or music skills… it’s all here in one place!

LifeLink can work for pretty much any type of business, whether you are wanting to use the community portal to showcase your services and raise awareness or to enable consumers to purchase your products and services online. And, best of all, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!

Whether you are looking for some local services, wanting to learn something new or a business wanting to offer their services online, there is something for everyone.

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This is superb! We can definitely use this. Thank you for sharing this

Gary Watts

One of the local mums mentioned this to me and I found some great activities from my kids…and then found some classes for me too! Great idea! I love browsing everything in one place and there’s always new stuff coming through every week.

Mrs Adams

LifeLink has been so easy to set up and use. I love all of the applications on there, especially the built in quiz creator! The booking system for my online classes is straight forward and parents have managed to use it with ease – I’ve had some great feedback about the whole site!

Rachel’s creative Cooking