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LifeLink is an online, community learning portal, focused on delivering high-quality training courses, consultations and exercise classes for everyone.


Lifelink.online is a community portal with a streaming platform that enables you to watch, listen, read, download and have access to hundreds of video lessons, consultations and services from an array of quality providers.


Fancy a Breakfast Yoga class? Or want to learn a new language? Always wanted to know how to make that perfect recipe? There’s something here for everyone, for all ages. Lessons can be joined or downloaded from anywhere, on your smartphone, pc or any of your usual devices.


But we’re not just all about classes and lessons…browse the site and be inspired! Are you thinking about some personal development and need some coaching? Or perhaps you need some help for your business? There’s a multitude of professional services available providing advice from HR, Accounting, Branding, Photography, virtual Pa’s, the list goes on… You can even book a 1-2-1 tour of outside office or garden room if you are thinking of getting one.   


Below you’ll find the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.
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How do I join?

Just register from our homepage, once you have received a confirmation email, you are ready to and get browsing!

* If a service provider has sent you a link to their page, you will need to register first to access their content.

How much does LifeLink.online cost?

LifeLink.online is free to register and browse. There’s lots of free content available on the site too! Once you have chosen the services you want to download or access, you will see clearly what each supplier’s costs are.

How do I cancel?

LifeLink.online is flexible. There’s no contract. You can cancel your registration any time.

How do I become a service provider?

We’d love you to join our LifeLink.online family as a service provider! Just click on Work With Us and follow the instructions.


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